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Working with my good friend and 3D artist Pixyl, I have create a line of adorable and mystical 3D fairies. Our creations are now displayed on all types of clothing and accessories.

Our clothing is designed with your Sign in mind!

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Solaris - J'aime

J'aimeJ'aime is my first album. I named my first album J'aime, because it's a play on words. My real name is Jaime and the word "J'aime" means "I love" in french - and that's what I do in this album... I love. All of my songs are about love, either love that I've observed other people feel or love that I've experienced myself.

The style that captivates me the most as an artist is ambient adult contemporary with a spiritual or elemental undertone.

I hope my music inspires you to take risks despite your fear, to realize that you can achieve anything you put your mind to, to win back the one you love, to pursue what makes you happy, to convince you to think more with your intuition and to not listen to the negativity of others. I hope my music makes you fight for love - I feel that love is the most beautiful thing anyone can ever experience and I hope that if you are lucky enough to find your soulmate and they are worthy of you by treating you with respect, that you hold onto them with all your heart... J'aime...

--Love, Solaris


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